Finding opportunity
in uncertain places

From exploring the world’s most volatile places to expanding to frontier markets, Canadian seismic equipment and data company Nanometrics made its name taking risks and reaping the rewards.

Why is collecting this data so important?
Simply put, it provides a window

into the future
Volcanic caldera
“This hidden world intrigues us, and challenges us to discover more. Each day, we explore the unknown.”
Working near the caldera

Far below the surface, the Earth is in constant turmoil. To listen to and learn from the forces at play in this unknown world is to be able to understand and react to events as soon as they occur.

Nanometrics is in the business of saving lives. Each year, earthquakes kill nearly 13,000 people around the world, and affect 5 million more. The Ontario-based company’s frontline technologies help lessen that impact by providing early warnings of natural disasters — giving local authorities more time to put emergency measures into action.

Established in the mid-1980s, Nanometrics quickly demonstrated high-growth potential. Responding to global market pressures, senior management decided to shift its core offering to become both a supplier of precision instruments and a trusted advisor for seismic researchers everywhere.

A core factor of business success

Like Nanometrics, many other Canadian companies have grown their business by selling their products or services outside our borders.

Wondering if exporting to frontier markets is right for you? Key advantages.



higher international investment


Top 10 frontier markets


South Africa

The Philippines








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