EDC’s Annual
Public Forum

Welcome to Export Development Canada’s (EDC) Annual Public Forum, a new platform EDC will be using to engage stakeholders and the general public. The forum is an opportunity to learn more about EDC and ask questions about our policies, business model, corporate priorities, and guiding principles.

Below you will find information on EDC’s corporate governance, corporate highlights, fiscal results, and Corporate Social Responsibility practices in 2016. We invite you to read through this information and, if you like, use the form at the bottom of the page to submit a question for response by EDC’s Executive Team and Board of Directors.

Questions will be accepted from March 16th to May 3rd and EDC's responses will be posted to this page on May 17th. Registrants will also have the opportunity to participate in a supplemental teleconference. Thanks in advance for your participation!

Corporate Governance

Corporate Highlights

Financial Results

Corporate Social Responsibility

Submit your questions!

And EDC’s Executive Team and Board of Directors will respond to them. Questions will be accepted between March 16th and May 3rd. We look forward to hearing from you.

***As part of its day-to-day activities, EDC routinely answers questions about its corporate policies and administrative activities from various stakeholders including the media, civil society and the general public. The Export Development Act, however, requires that EDC maintain the confidentiality of information on specific companies and their transactions. For more information about the transactions that EDC supports, please visit EDC’s disclosure page here.
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To provide feedback on EDC’s Annual Public Forum, please contact us at media@edc.ca